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WIT Alliance is designed to foster inclusion, collaboration, communication, innovation, and business opportunities for our Advocates and Partners. We are a platform that matches global companies and markets to strive for innovation-led growth, acceleration, and equality.

WIT Alliance Financial Support

We empower and enable Women in Tech to become more competitive and advanced with access to financial resources to help them achieve their strategic goals. With support from our media experts, holistic publicity and media exposure ensures voices are heard and achievements are celebrated. 


We enable our advocates and supporters to become more competitive and empower them with access to subsidy solutions and resources that will allow them to achieve their growth objectives.

Our Grants

We help our Advocates and Partners form teams and qualify for the EU Funding Programs for their projects, provided they align with the policies of the European Union.

WIT Alliance Programs

Social Media Program

Our Advocates and Partners can get a free tech flash video for their organization for social media and other promotional purposes.

For Advocates

Digital Transformation Program

Our Advocates and Partners get our support in becoming digitally equipped to organize matchmaking and networking fairs and events on the Virtual Tech Centre.

For Advocates

EU Tech Center Program

Our Advocates and Partners get access and credentials to their virtual booths on the Virtual Tech Centre to hold meetings, events, exhibitions, and more under the EU Tech Center Program.

For Advocates

Climate Action Partnership Program

Our Advocates and Partners can apply to get an official certificate that will accredit them as a climate-friendly organization committed to working towards sustainable development through the advancement of climate-friendly technology.

For Advocates

Trade Fair Program

Our Advocates and Partners will have unlimited networking opportunities through access to our member database who utilize our services and platforms.

For Advocates

Webinar Program

Our Advocates and Partners can participate and network through our webinar program. They can also suggest a topic for discussion or apply to become a speaker!

For Advocates

WIT Alliance Member Database

WIT Alliance Advocates and Partners are change-makers and exemplary leaders in diverse industries and sectors. They participate in all our events, initiatives, and programs and contribute to the creation of the collaborative and meaningful exchange of knowledge, strategy, and innovative tactics to empower Women in Tech from a global perspective. 


Join WIT Alliance’s quest and reach tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, academicians, public personalities, and more worldwide. Leverage our rich network to build your base and tap into unexplored sectors and exciting new opportunities.


WIT Alliance Position Papers & White Papers

WIT Alliance White Paper is an informational document to share knowledge, foster exchange and collaboration, and create value for our Advocates, Partners, and the global community from society to businesses, from industry professionals to technological innovators. Sharing technology-driven solutions and methods to help solve some of the most challenging questions on how we can support and empower Women in Tech.

Latest NEws

Stay on top of the latest news and updates on our activities and programs. Discover more about what happens here at the Alliance!

21 September – EU Tech Chamber Women In Tech Commission – Topic: How Women Impact VR, AR, and MR

According to a recent global research, 82 percent of companies that are implementing XR expecting to see benefits meeting or exceeding their expectations. Some international corporations are employing immersive technologies to drive efficiencies, and these companies are seeing a strong return on investment. The breakthrough in augmented and virtual reality are made possible by the […]

17 August – EU Tech Chamber Women In Tech Commission – Topic: 10 Key Recommendations for Successful Women in Tech

The technology sector needs to identify and recognize the need of women by focusing on talents and female education to enable women to excel in all underrepresented positions – rather than promoting women in classical roles and based on political trends. STEM will be crucial to tackle some of the most challenging issues, bringing women to […]

20 July – EU Tech Chamber Women In Tech Commission – After Event

Thanks to everyone who joined yesterday’s EU Tech Chamber Women In Tech Commission Digital Panel for an inspiring and empowering discussion about “Industry 4.0 Impact on Women”! Nadine Rahman, Evelyn Ngatia and Nicci Rossouw – thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge and experience, it was a pleasure having you! Most of all, sincere thanks to all our attendees – your comment, […]


Visions For Europe

Stay up-to-date on the current topics and events across industries and discover opportunities and a wealth of information.


The Vision for Europe is the quarterly magazine that helps us expand on our commitment to a sustainable future through technology. The magazine carries interviews, articles, and reports from around the world and keeps you updated with the latest news and upcoming activities.