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Academic studies reveal that women are more likely to lead through inspiration, transforming people’s attitudes and beliefs and aligning people meaningfully and with purpose. Since transformational leadership is linked to higher levels of team engagement, performance, and productivity, it is a critical path to improving leaders’ performance.


Through our climate action-related webinars, events, and networking programs, we help to create awareness and dialogue among technology leaders to develop advanced solutions for the challenges on the path to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Success Stories

Joanna Ossowska Rodziewicz CEO and Founder, SmartBee Club

EU Tech Chamber is the organization that connects people around the World via technology. Joining the Chamber has expanded my professional network. I had a pleasure to meet top class professionals, industry experts in different domains, as well as potential investors. As the Board Member of Women in Tech Alliance at EU Tech Chamber I have opportunity to work on impactful projects that bring gender equality at the top of agenda for European Businesses.

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Frank Founder and Owner of exprobico

"I got in touch with EUTECH through an online event and an interview with Director Women in Tech Alliance and SDG Alliance, EU Tech Chamber. As an engineer, former plant designer and HR developer and a lot of consulting jobs as founder and owner of 'exprobico - the experts for career, training and competence' I was sensitized to the topic of women and technology. The multiple faces of EU TECH hit exactly my nerve, collaboration with Africa, sustainable projects in solar technology, renewable energy, skills development (equal as holistic) and education for many disadvantaged people. I am excited about the variety of opportunities and integrated the NPC 'African Virtual Bridging School' (AVBS). AVBS was founded by two African women entrepreneurs and me last year in South Africa. The goal of AVBS is to support education by competence development. Both companies (exprobico and AVBS) were finalists in the EU TECH SDG Awards 2021. The membership in EU TECH allows exprobico an excellent expansion of the own network and AVBS get more opportunities to find new partners in Africa, as companies to bring young people, especially girl child and women closer to STEM and professional and academic world with a future orientation and sustainability."


“I believe in technology as an economic and social game changer with global impact. Empowering education, research, sustainability, and honest partnerships are the values and mission that drive me in a multicultural and multidisciplinary world. The inclusive role of women in the technology sector is a must as one of the pillars of our equity. Women in Tech Alliance at European Technology Chamber as advocate is aligned with my purpose and objectives, leading a role of gender equality in the world.”

Virginia Mijes Martin President of the Catalan Blockchain Association

As an advocate, one of the greatest value-adds of EUTECH is ACCESS – access to a wealth of knowledge, access to business opportunities, access to business ideas and access to visibility. I like the exposure it gives in terms of ways of shaping business in line with global themes e.g. emerging technologies, SDGs, climate action, etc. This definitely gives you an edge in business.

Evelyn Ngatia Founder & CEO TechaWatt Ltd | 4IR Academy

“As Grow.ME International, we are happy to support EUTECH and the Women in Tech Commission. For the last 10 years, we very successfully deliver transformational projects and executive coaching services to businesses across Middle-East, Europe and Southern Pacific. Among these businesses are the likes of Unilever, GHD, and regional Finance Institutions and SME’s. Through our Business Resilience programs we address women as Business Owners and Leaders, guiding them through a tough self-assessment and improvement program for themselves and their businesses.”

Klaus Miserra Managing Director Grow.ME

“Being an institute of steady growth, excellence and values, one principle that remains upheld by SAIAST is that of giving back to the community. Therefore, with the aim of bringing positive change to society, SAIAST reaches out to the most vulnerable in the communities through The SAIAST Foundation that was established in 2018. However, as the institution continues to grow exponentially, it has expanded into new horizons of technology introducing foundation programs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, hence the change of the institution's name. In view of providing quality training in the enlisted faculties, SAIAST also engages in intensive and consistent consultation with experts in Technology. We have joined SDG Alliance as an Advocate as we incorporate local courses and international programs, maintaining a balance in efforts to reach local and international clientele alike.”

Mafunase Ngosa Malenga Founder & Managing Director Southern Africa institute of Aviation science and Technology

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Strategic Partners are organizations with similar objectives and directions that work in parallel with the EU Tech Chamber to achieve our goals and believe in our vision, Technology Obliges!

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